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Rev. Sitivi Kamu


Minister of Religion

Current Position:

Lecturer in Biblical Studies: New Testament

Research Interest: 

Keen to Explore and research mainly on the New Testament Books to gain and enhance the knowledge in my field of expertise. In fact, other disciplines of study are also considered reasonable.

Courses/Lecturer in:

  • Gospels
  • Greek Language
  • Introduction to the New
  • Testament
  • Reformation
  • Church Reformation,
  • Samoa Methodist History
  • Independence to Present


1997: Certificate of  Attainment (University Preparatory Year; Le Papaigalagala)
1998: Certificate in Science (National University of Samoa: Le Papaigalagala)
2015: Diploma in Theology (Piula Theological College, Samoa)
2017: Bachelor of Divinity (Piula Theological College, Samoa)
2019: Master in Theology (Pacific Theological College; Fiji)
2020-: Lecturer: Piula Theological College, Samoa)

Before entering Piula Theological College it is of interest to socialize and interact with groups of different levels. It is vital for this vocation of its purpose in serving the society. Studying for 6 years which covers a wholistic framework in equipping future ministers has widened my scope not only with social interactions with people but mainly by attaining leadership skills. Especially, it ensures us individually that being a leader is essential and should always be at the forefront of everything that he/she is involved.Moreover, there is some background experience in animal farming which helps by assisting societies as part of its everyday needs.


  • Apia Infant: 1984-1987
  • Apia Primary: 1987-1989
  • Leifiifi Intermediate School: 1990-1991
  • Samoa College: 1992-1996
  • University Preparatory Year: 1997
  • National University of Samoa: 1998-1999
  • University of the South Pacific, Fiji: 2002-2004
  • Piula Theological College: 2011-2017


  • Master in Theology thesis