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It might seem like all play, but a preschool program also offers certain benefits to children that include helping to boost cognitive and motor development as well as enhancing social skills. Though preschool education helps build a foundation of learning that will follow your children into their school years, the highest of all goals of preschool is to prepare the young children for life.

In saying that, the Piula Pre-School strives to achieve and fulfill the following goals:

  • Help children develop a good self-image;
  • Help children understand the five senses;
  • Help children develop their personalities;
  • Help children to grow intellectually;
  • Help children learn how to express themselves;
  • Help children learn independence;
  • Help children learn socialisation skills;
  • Provide children with experiences they may not have at home;
  • Provide hands-on experiences for children whenever possible;
  • Build a healthy relationship between the preschool and the home