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Piula Publications

This year Piula Publications launched their latest publications, which were written by staff members and students alike. Such publications were launched during the Piula Theological College’s 150th Anniversary. Copies are available in Local Libraries and Bookstores.

“Ato Fevailia’i”

This publication was a project that was originally started by the BD (Bachelor of Divinity) year of 2002 which was then revised by one of Piula’s lecturers, Rev. Piula Samuelu along with some of the 3rd year students. The purpose of this publication was to provide a compilation of scriptures and references that would be fitting for each service or worship that would be performed by minsters of the Methodist Church in Samoa. It serves as an aid in developing sermons and biblical interpretation.


Faatoetoemuliola was written by the pincipal Rev. Dr. Mosese Mailo. It is a collection of his hand picked-pasts sermons, articles and writings in Biblical and Theological Hermeneutics in Samoan Style.

“E Tautala Aso”

This publication was written by former lecturer Rev. Dr. Saunoa Sila. He has managed to publish 2 books written in Samoan and English. Such publication is a historical account of the history of Piula Theological College from 1868 – 2018.

“Malo Tautua”

Malo Tautua is an Encyclopaedia of all the ministers of the Methodist Church in Samoa that have been serving the church from 1868 to the ministers that are currently working today. Such project has been in dedication to all the ministers that have devoted their lives in servitude to the church. This project has been a collaborative work between BD3 students of 2018 and 2017, along with the chief contributor Rev. Wesley Taotua. Furthermore, this publication has also been edited by Rev. Dr. Mosese Mailo.

“O le utu a le Faimea”

This particular publication is a collection of articles written by former lecturers of Piula Theological College. Such publication has been compiled and edited by Rev. Dr. Sanele Lavatai and Piula Lecturer Rev. Dr. Selota Maliko.

“Enemies in the Psalms”

Enemies in the Psalms was written by Rev. Dr. Sanele Lavatai. It is a book written and derived from Lavatai’s thesis and work which in based in Old Testament Studies.