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Principal’s Address

It’s a pleasure to once again welcome you all, families, friends, and partners of Piula Theological College to our website…

Talanoa Tusi Paia

Piula Theological College will continue weekly programme of Talanoa Tusi Paia in October discussing the bible in an informal manner. Here, Lectures and Student alike can be able to share and learn more about what it means to be Christian Today.

History of Piula Chapel ‘Love Never Faileth’

“E le uma le alofa, Love never faileth”
A brief history of the Piula College Chapel on the
Commemoration of its 100 Anniversary

Piula Graduation 2020

On July 17th 2021, Piula Theological College ended an academic year with 7 graduates. From these 7 graduates, 1 of which achieved…